We guarantee

Faster international transactions

iizipay transferBank transfer
Australian dollar2 days5 days
Canadian dollar2 days5 days
Czech Koruna1 days2 days
Danish Krone1 days2 days
Hong Kong Dollar1 days5 days
Hungarian Forint0 days2 days
Indian Rupee1 days5 days
Indonesian Rupiah1 days5 days
Mexico Peso1 days5 days
Norwegian Krone0 days2 days
Polish Zloty0 days2 days
Singapore Dollar2 days5 days
Swedish Krona2 days2 days
UK Sterling0 days2 days
US Dollar0 days5 days


I could get my dream apartment, thanks to the fast payments of iizipay

The first days abroad were always the most stressful, because I need to arrange my new home and real estate agents are demanding.

Thanks to iizipay’s fast transactions I could secure my dream apartment, by paying the deposit and first month of rent right-away.

Best of both worlds

Fast international transactions ánd low fees

Our aim is to make everything iizi, around your daily finances.

This includes clear and transparent pricing that everybody understands, no hidden costs and low and fair fees.