Your work adventure starts now

While working overseas, you may want an alternative solution to a traditional debit or credit card. With iizipay, you can pay your salary onto your card and only spend what you have preloaded or transferred.

The benefits

  • Put your salary on the card for free
  • Great way to budget
  • Accepted virtually anywhere
  • No fees when spending worldwide
Our features       

Paying, sending and spending

Free iizipay app
Features contactless technology
Customer support
No credit check need

Your balance when working abroad

With us there is no interest to pay back or hidden charges to catch you out. Neither do you need to carry piles of cash around.

We plan to launch our international workers product in spring 2020.


Let us help you with your questions

Can I order my iizipay card now?

Yes. Simply fill in the form to open your account, pay the fee and you’ll receive your card as soon as possible at home.

How much does it cost to use a iizipay card

Using the card doesn’t cost you anything.

We do ask a small fee to setup your account and the card (€9.99) and a service fee of €0.99 per month.

Any additional fees you can find in the pricing section on our website.

Who can I send money to with iizipay?

You can pay to anyone in the Euro-zone that provides you with their IBAN and name. Simply hit the payments button on the app.

If you work in any of the following countries which use the currencies listed below, your app will allow you to pay companies and individuals in that country. In countries that don’t use an IBAN, your app will provide you with the local identification details of a bank and their client. In the United Kingdom, you need a sort-code to identify the bank and an 8 digit account number.

Australian Dollar; Czech Krona; Danish Krone; Hong Kong Dollar; Hungarian Forint; Indian Rupee; Indonesian Rupiah; Mexican Peso; Norwegian Krone; Polish Zloty; Singapore Dollar; Swedish Krona; UK Sterling; US Dollar.

How fast can you process international transactions?

We guarantee faster international transactions. Check our current transfers here.