Our card fees

We like to be transparent so you always know where you stand.

Free of charge

Receiving moneyFree
Pay with your card (shops, restaurants or bars)Free
Pay online with your cardFree
Send money via the appFree
Check your balance in the app or at the ATMFree
Statements via the appFree
PIN re-issuesFree


Get the card€9.99
Service fee€0.99 p/m
ATM fee€1.99
Foreign exchange (FX) fee0.99%

That’s it! No hidden extra costs.

iizipay's low FX fee makes all the difference

I earn €1,500 per month and send €500 every month back to my family in Poland.

iizipay only charges me 0.99% for the exchange to złoty, which makes all the difference for my family.


Not only cheap, but fast as well

Our daily limits

Point of sale and online shopping€3,000 per day
ATM withdrawal€250 per day
Topping up your account or transferring funds€5,000 per day